We are a very small Toy Poodle breeder and only breed Red Toy Poodle. We are members of Dog NSW and members of Poodle club of NSW. We agree and abide by its Constitution and Regulations. This includes: The Register & Registration and Code of Ethics. We register all puppies in a litter and provide the Certificates of Registration & Pedigree to all new owners.

We reside at Sydney area.

We don’t breed often but when we do we are very selective on the pedigrees. We love our red poodle and strive to improve the quality of the colour throughout our selection process. The Red colour will fade along with the aging of the dog. This is natural and normal process of aging poodles. Our goal is to improve the redness. The temperament of the dogs is just as important as the colour to us. Our bitches are most gracious, affectionate and loving poodles.

Our poodles live with us once they are born. They interact with all sort of human actives. They are sensible, understanding, playful and calm when the time comes.

We are very choosy about our puppies’ potential future home, to ensure the health and their happiness.


A GuanJun Poodle in a New Home and When a Puppy Going to a New Home